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To make epic, start with time travel. You must gather a large guild of friends, family, and frenemies for your quest… you can’t make the journey alone! As more people join, the potential epicness output grows! Send out smoke signals, messenger pigeons, and emails to bring more people to the adventure. You’ll need them, especially if you get lost on your way back in time…
Next, locate a castle (a good castle is an essential foundation for epicness), and storm it. Castle-storming is a great bonding experience and shows your loved ones that you care. Add party hats; crowns are standard but tiaras work well too. Equip children foam swords to ensure no one loses an eye or finger in battle.
Now, acquire a hearty royal feast. A proper royal feast must be prepared and served by professional wenches or serfs. This too is essential, or else your epicness may devolve into hunger, crabbiness, and maniacal kitchen pillaging upon return to the present. This feast should be served with authentic ironware. Silverware hasn’t been invented yet so you’ll do without it. Garnish this concoction with trustworthy warriors, royal hosts, and a clever villain. Sprinkle in sharp metal objects, horses (all varieties except miniature) and a bevy of applause. Feel free to add cheers and raised mugs at your own discretion, but please refrain from adding sports play-by-plays.
Life is like the video games and you can get the cheat code. There’s a Medieval Times castle nearby that has mastered the art of epicness. It’s the perfect recipe for a great night out with friends and family. No need for a time traveling device built from a washing machine in your basement. Have no fear of run-ins with dinosaurs or disgruntled neighbors. They’ve got all the crowns, swords, and wenches you need. Lucky for you and your band of merry miscreants, Medieval Times and Rocketgrab have done all the hard work. Another great deal launched in Myrtle Beach!
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+ Bonus: FREE Dungeon Tour
+ Thrilling live show!
+ Hearty Medieval feast (vegetarian options available)
+ Fun for all ages!

Fine Print:

Voucher download instructions will be emailed after the deal closes, vouchers available for use beginning on May 20, 2011. Valid only at Myrtle Beach Castle Only.

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